How to use an Audio Playset

This Audio Playset is designed to allow you to quickly and easily establish an immersive audio set design with minimal effort.  The set includes impulse responses, ambiences, a general sound effects library and audio props.

Impulse Responses

An impulse response is essentially a sonic map of an acoustical environment and/or audio equipment. Loading these files in a convolution reverb plugin (such as ReaVerb, Altiverb or IR-L), the user can effectively recreate a sense of being in the sonic space where the impulse response was recorded.

Impulse responses are located in the Impulse Response folder and include alternative listening perspectives for sonic flexibility.


This audio library includes several ambiences and room tones.  Room tones can either be sampled for ambience replacement software (such as iZotope RX), crossfaded, or looped to recreate the general sense of space and noise floor of the recorded environment.

Sound Effects

This pack includes general sound effects to further decorate your audio set with environment specific sounds recorded from the same location as the impulse responses.  While intended for use with this audio playset, all UberDuo sound effects are cleaned and mastered for general sound effects library use.

Audio Props

Each Audio Playset contains one or more audio props.  These are set pieces from within the environment, recorded with character interaction in mind.  Each prop includes all of the basic sound elements required to recreate the prop in audio space.  Props include ambience elements (motor hums, etc) and prop-specific action sound effects (door opening, match lighting, etc).

UberDuo is committed to providing high-quality and immersive audio solutions for producers and post-production professionals. 

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