UberDuo Audio

In addition to our line of sound effects bundles, UberDuo also offers the following services.  Prices are for estimate only and do not include travel and lodging expenses. Contact us for quotes, discounts and offers.

Location Recording – $30/hour
Basic recording services
Boom operator is separate fee ($10/hr)

Dialog Editing – $30/hour / $60 pfh
Includes minor repair such as gating and noise reduction
Includes syncing, and basic transitioning/crossfading and basic levels

Advanced Audio Editing/Mixing/Audio Repair – $30/hour
Includes major repairs such as voice cleanup, removal of unwanted noise.
Includes eq, normalization, level mixing, and sweetening

Sound Design – Contact for quote (prices based on $30/hr base rate)
Includes work for film, audio and stage
Includes Foley work and custom Sound Effects
Does not include dialog editing
Extensive audio library
Cost may vary with project complexity.

Voice Reels -$150 per 1 to 2-minute reel
Includes coaching and script selection
Fully directed
Edited and sweetened, including reel appropriate music

$40 for 1-2 pages
$50 for 3-5 pages
$60 for 6-10 pages

Locke & Key
The X-Files: Cold Cases
Heavenly Deception
The Passion of Paul Ross