5 Levels of Fear

This production was our first foray into a fully-realized, immersive indie production. We had the opportunity to work with legendary Harry Nile writer, Sable Jak, formerly of Jim French Productions. The show was recorded and cast in Seattle, where Matt got to direct actors, Jonathan Lee-Vroman, Anjelica McMillan, Tadd Morgan, who brought the characters to …

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Lover’s Leap

When two ghosts of a bed-and-breakfast are finally able to take physical form at the same time, theyrealize this is their first chance – since their honeymoon — to have sex. But first, they have to scareaway a pair of obnoxious guests!CastAustin Beach —…

Bunker 11

Humanity has retreated to underground bunkers, but an evil presence threatens their safetyWritten by Jeremy HennessyStarring:Kristin Martin as Sophia BissettAustin Beach as Marcus BissettDrew Profit as Nathan HendricksJeremy Hennessy as Oliver HendricksD…

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