Castle Of Horror

Dracula wakes to find his evening fully booked. Entertaining people at his castle now a resort. Written by David MeredithStarring:Michael Hudson as RenfieldKarim Kronfli as Count DraculaSarah Golding as MarishkaLayla Katib as Billie11th Hour Audio Produc…
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Surrounded by his possessions, a boy struggles to leave the safety of his own home. His outside world is filled with so many uncertainties. While he struggles with his own convictions, the conveniences of modern everyday household items continue to persu…
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New Message

While texting her best friend, a young woman discovers that she might not be home alone.Written by K.A. StatzStarring:Joanna was Christy LuseCarrie was Tanja Milojevic Mother was Nikolle Doolin Josh was Graham Rowat Scott was Travis Vengroff Police Offic…
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Two hunters of supernatural and folkloric creatures and their Tourguide set out to find the legendary Wolpertingers in the Bavarian forest.Written by Kessi RilinikiStarring:Sarah Rhea-Werner as WyldaHeather Spiegel-Auden as RaleighErika Sanderson as Ingr…
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Bunker 11

Humanity has retreated to underground bunkers, but an evil presence threatens their safetyWritten by Jeremy HennessyStarring:Kristin Martin as Sophia BissettAustin Beach as Marcus BissettDrew Profit as Nathan HendricksJeremy Hennessy as Oliver HendricksD…
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The Lights of Witchywood

Two girls awake in a girl guide camp at night. Everyone is gone, but they’re not alone.Written by Richard BrooksStarring:Layla Katib as LilyBeth Crane as GeorgeMolly Beth Morossa as Daisy & Brown OwlSarah Golding and Holly Golding as Girl Guides11th Hour…
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Clean Sound Starts With Clean Equipment

We have a lot of terms in sound for “clean” that pertain to the quality of the sound you are recording or editing: clean, muddy, wet, dry, dirty. With all these terms used so frequently, it seems ironic that in the process of recording and our laser-like focus on the edit, …
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