6 Podcasting Lifehacks to Make Your Workflow Flow

With all the hats we wear as podcasters, it’s a wonder we get anything done. Whether you have one podcast, or several, the challenges can be overwhelming, so here are some tricks to make life easier around the studio, so you can get to what matters most. 1. Checklists Checklists are …
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The Audiophile

Hal’s freed himself from the retail grind, and acquired the stereo system of his dreams. Now he’ll get back at everyone who ever doubted his audiophonic genius, especially Kathy. He’s going to play the one hit by the rarest, hippest band in America on hi…
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The Dead and the Undead

A man on his quest for freedom down the Rua Diablo walks the thin line between the dead and the undead. Written by Brian Holcomb Dialogue editing and sound design by Glenn Mercer Additional sound design, mixing and post production by Owen McCuen Music by…
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A Haunting Beyond The Lake

England, late 1990s – He has been in love with Lucy for as long as he can remember, and now might be the last time to tell her. Yet as he talks to her at the lake, a shadow starts to take shape on the other side. Is it a …
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Reminisce With Me

Written and Directed by Rachel Pulliam A compassionate activity specialist at a Memory Care Center grows concerned when her favorite resident, a former children’s author, begins acting erratic towards her, but not to her new quirky and mysterious co-work…
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Highway Chile

Written and Directed by Faith McQuinnIt’s 1970 in Southern California. Pamela, trying to get to a concert in Berkley, thumbs a ride with Janice, a mysterious woman who might hold more secrets than Pamela can handle.Fun fact: “Highway Chile” is the title …
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Another Bad Night

Thank you for listening to “Another Bad Night,” part of the 11th Hour Audio Challenge.Written by Adam BlanfordDirected by Vincent King and Adam BlanfordFeaturing the voice talents of:Abby Rose as MelodyMelissa Medina as PaigeAdam Blanford as RileyKassand…
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