Down the Basement

A married couple go house-hunting and the husband finds the perfect basement for a sound booth. Silly voice actor. What he finds there is an energy that reverberates through time. Are you listening? Written and directed by Owen McCuen. Original score com…
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How To Play the Elevator Game:1. Enter the elevator alone. 2. Proceed to the fourth floor.3. Descend to the second floor.4. Proceed to the sixth floor.5. Return to the second floor.6. Ascend to the tenth floor.7. Return to the fifth floor.A young woman m…
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What Are the Benefits of Double-Ender Recording?

Double-ender Recording: At-a-Glance A double-ender is where both participants record their own sides of a remote conversation. These are then synced together in post-production. It can make you sound like you’re in the same room as your guest, even if you’re recording on different continents. Double-enders also offer an extra layer of security, …
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Backup Your Podcast Sessions in 3-2-1

How to Have a Backup for Your Podcast Recordings: At-a-Glance Podcast backups prevent hours of recovery or costly rerecording. Best Practice for backing up your recordings: the 3-2-1 method. That means 3 Copies, 2 Local, 1 Offsite. Tools to automate the process are available. Read on for the full guide… A few years back, I worked …
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Join the Podcast Revolution with Samson

By Matthew Boudreau The podcast revolution is here! More and more folks are starting podcasts to get their messages and voices into the ears of the world. Every podcast has a unique format, and every podcaster has a unique style and challenges, especially in terms of equipment they use. On the front …
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How to Record a Phone Call for Your Podcast

How to record a phone call: At-a-Glance Recording on the phone keeps things super simple for your guest However, there’s a trade-off in sound quality Apps, adapters, and hardware are available to suit varying workflows Calls can be recorded on external devices or the phone itself. Read on for the full details… With products …
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