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Podcasting in the Key of C

I was recently compiling some of my old articles for a portfolio when I noticed something funny about them. All of my articles had lengthy paragraphs added to them endorsing a one-button recording solution that I outspokenly would not and cannot endorse.
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Locke and Key

My first Audible gig. Matt got the opportunity to edit talents like Tatiana Maslany, Kate Mulgrew and Haley Joel Osment and of course, Joe Hill and Stephen King.
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5 Levels of Fear

This production was our first foray into a fully-realized, immersive indie production. We had the opportunity to work with legendary Harry Nile writer, Sable Jak, formerly of Jim French Productions. The show was recorded and cast in Seattle, where Matt got to direct actors, Jonathan Lee-Vroman, Anjelica McMillan, …
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Let’s Go Break Our Hearts – Raketski

Ths song by one of my favorite composers, Peter van Riet. He and a friend got together to record it and asked mix it for him. I love the 1970s/1980s synth rock swell as the keys take over toward the end and the climbing guitar that just pushes …
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Wallowing (A Zombie’s Lament)

Today is 11th Hour Audio Challenge founder, Monique Boudreau’s birthday.  To celebrate, we have a delicious selection of brains… A delightful array of brains…  The freshest brains… Happy birthday, my love!Emcee played by Owen McCuenMusic and Lyrics…
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