The Kitchen Sink

We may not have everything, but we’ve got the kitchen sink covered. The Kitchen Sink Audio Prop sound effects pack includes sink fills and drains, glasses, utensils, pots and pans, all immersed in soapy, sudsy goodness.
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UberDuo Audio Playsets: The Cabin

Recorded in New York’s Adirondack Mountains, The Cabin audio playset is the first in a series of immersive audio environment SFX bundles designed to allow producers, sound designers and other post-production audio professionals to quickly and easily…
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Heavenly Deception

Steve SchneiderFrom 11th Hour Northeast (New England, USA).When Prudence (Tanja Milojevic) reunites with her older sister Zara (Sarah Caitlin Taylor) after 18 months, their reunion is interrupted in a sudden, drastic and life-altering manner. Featuring R…
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Kill the Boy

Scott PhillipsFrom 11th Hour Midwest (Wisconsin).A boy and his mother acclimate to their new life in a small town, when something sinister begins to unravel.CastSarah Golding as MomJeremy Hennessy as JeremyDayn Leonardson as the EntityDirected by Scott P…
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Matthew McLeanFrom 11th Hour Scotland.A small group of humans awake on board an alien spacecraft.CastJenny — Rosemary StanfordClaire — Bee ParkinsonPaul — Colin GrayMartyn — Robert CudmoreRet — Kat O’ConnorWritten and produced by Matthew McLean
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Pete LutzFrom 11th Hour Southwest (Texas).Greek legend tells of the Vrykolakas, a vampiric creature somewhat different than the Slavic bloodsuckers we know. And in a Southwestern U.S. city, when a Greek gangster comes back to life to hunt down his murder…
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Vultures Over Low Doves

Justin Mullane11th Hour’s inaugural production from 2015. Buffalo writer, Justin Mullane, volunteered a script idea he had been kicking around for a while and within a week, had written 30-minutes of strange, horrific fun. With the rough draft in hand Mo…
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