Shadows of Halloween

On Halloween night four friends gather together and discover that some traditions are all too real. Starring Owen McCuen, Tanja Milojevic, Austin Beach, Matthew Boudreau, and Pete Lutz. Written and produced by Neil Gustin
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Recording Skype Calls on Your PC using Voicemeeter

One of the many hats I wear is producing Radio Drama Revival.  Frequently, host David Rheinstrom interviews guests about the medium, their process and interesting details about their lives.  As a producer for the podcast and a number of show of my own, I have a number of tools for working …
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The Supermarket

Take a trip to the Grocery Store! The Supermarket ambience pack gives you over 12-minutes of shopping ambience delight. We’ve also included 13 HD sound clips and an impulse response. This pack was stealth-recorded with a Zoom H4N and a set of omni…
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Tools of the trade: Equalizers (EQ)

I’ve been working with my friend Peter Van Riet on a mix for his band, Raketski. Peter is a masterful composer, but also an incredible piano player. Which got me to thinking about the incredible similarities between EQ and a piano, and the differences that craft and experience bring to …
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A Guide to Audio Interfaces for Voice & Podcasting

What factors can we look at to determine our studio needs when it comes to an audio interface? What technical considerations are important? Over the course of my education and career, I have likely purchased more audio interfaces than any other piece of equipment. Here, I’ll attempt to pass on …
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