Aural Fixation: Clipping & Gain Staging

Of all the common issues in recording, by far the most common problem I hear in audio from my clients is clipping.  However, you can easily fix this, with proper gain staging. If any of this sounds overly complex, don’t worry. This article walks you through what you need to …
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Is Cable Crossing a Bad Thing in Audio Recording?

When beginning in audio, you’re often told that audio cable crossing is a bad thing, and to avoid crossing power cables with audio cables. It’s often said, “On the Care and Feeding of Cables: Don’t Cross the Streams.” So let’s dispel some myths, and talk about best practices to keep …
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How to Use Compression in Audio: What is a Compressor?

In this article we’re going to look at how to use compression in podcasting. It’s a tool that’s podcasters often talk about, and even more often misunderstand. But, used right, it can really improve your audio. So, let’s get to know the humble compressor, starting with the obvious question… What is a …
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Monster’s Game

A young man battling schizophrenic demons from his past, hears a sinister new voice in his earbuds with murderous intentions. Will a blossoming romance with a mysterious neighbor be his salvation or lead down a darker path?CastBobby GagliniSarah Caitlin …
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The Martyr Protocol

Six android beings must cope with what it means to be human and the terror that goes along with it. Light years from earth, who will save them when everthing goes horribly wrong. Starring Sarah Golding, Owen McCuen, Danielle Ries, Drew Profit, Scott Phil…
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The Hooded Figure

Written by MJ Cogburn, Shane Harris and Jonathan Patrick Russell.Tonight’s entertainment is based on inheritance.  Sometimes, you can inherit many things from your family – sometimes it’s trinkets, expensive furniture all the way up to an excessive amoun…
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Ivory Towers

Written by Richard H Brooks1920s, Oxford. Students, Thomas and Roger, try to impress Agnes, a young woman from outside the college, by breaking into the Master’s study for a late night drink. The prank turns more threatening when they discover a secret w…
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