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Thank You for Your Service?

It’s memorial day, but there will be no brats fired up on the barbecue. No sales celebrating the rise of summer. And for fuck’s sake, there will be no thanking living, breathing veterans for their service.
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On Being Lost

I went missing when I was in kindergarten. I walked to the babysitter’s house after school, but when I got there she wasn’t home. I was a confused and a little scared. So I walked back to school and told the principal I didn’t know what to do. She was …
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Old Sidewalks

I told a friend that I was leaving for my first trip to Europe. She told me to have fun “standing on old sidewalks”. I smiled at the statement. It was the type of response I expect from her and why I love her so. I didn’t think about the …
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lone road going to mountains

Where the Buffalo Roam

“Today is the first day…” The phrase is so tired and hackneyed that I can’t bring myself to regurgitate the ending. It carries echoes of lost causes. You’ll hear this fortune cookie wisdom oft imparted by folks with nothing left to say as they settle back into their armchairs …
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5 Levels of Fear

This production was our first foray into a fully-realized, immersive indie production. We had the opportunity to work with legendary Harry Nile writer, Sable Jak, formerly of Jim French Productions. The show was recorded and cast in Seattle, where Matt got to direct actors, Jonathan Lee-Vroman, Anjelica McMillan, …
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Let’s Go Break Our Hearts – Raketski

Ths song by one of my favorite composers, Peter van Riet. He and a friend got together to record it and asked mix it for him. I love the 1970s/1980s synth rock swell as the keys take over toward the end and the climbing guitar that just pushes …
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The Workshop

Some assembly required? UberDuo’s The Workshop Audio Playset has got you covered with saws, drills, screw drivers, hammers, tape measures and everything you need in your SFX toolbox.
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