Living Canvas

Welcome back to the studio. This is Living Canvas. Today we’ve got a real special treat: We’re gonna create a painting that’s gonna open up a whole new world for ya.
Written and performed by Owen McCuen
Content Warning: Self Harm

The Hunted

Eight years ago, Lance’s father was murdered during a hunting expedition. Now, he and his mother have captured the one responsible and brought him to a remote island to be the quarry of an elite order of hunters. In a dangerous game of revenge who is the…

To Whom it May Concern

A young woman receives a love letter from her secret admirer, but soon realizes they don’t share the same definition of love.
**For Mature Audiences**
Written & Produced by Glenn MercerPerformed by Janine Gilbert & Glenn Mercer Music by James Ieraci Cred…

Essential Bites

Welcome to The Essential Bites Family, where you can Sink Your Teeth Into A Better You! But not all is as it seems; follow Luka, a not-so-young vampire, and his discovery of both family and fiend.
CONTENT WARNINGS: Vampirism, Cult-Like Mentalities, and P…

The Golden Bridle

Foster is troubled by nightmares after doing a plumbing job for Professor Shaposhnikov. Who exactly is the professor, and why does Foster’s best friend Danyel distrust him? 
Written by Leslie McMurtry
Pandora Beatrix as Foster and KedaTanja Milojevic as …

Gower Hall

A dowager that died in mysterious circumstances. An ancient ceremony gone wrong. A headless horseman on the loose and a rogue pixie with a prophecy to fulfil. Charlotte’s promotional plans for tourism in Gower have gotten decidedly out of hand, and the n…

The Hidden Truths

A supernatural story by Tom Rory Parsons
Chris Quinby as Josh Sarah Golding as Mary Fiona Thraille as Aunty Francis Karim Kronfli as Uncle Jim Pete Lutz as Mysterious Voice AKA Roger Charlotte Norup as the shopkeeper Rachel Pulliman as bully 2 Written, d…

Martin‘s Glaring

A group of cats is called a clowder and sometimes a glaring. If you have ever wondered what cats think when they’re staring at you, take a trip with this folktale adaptation. A man lost in the woods meets a mysterious glaring but has a trick up his sleev…

A call to horror producers!

Join us for this year’s 11th Hour Audio Challenge. Bring a script or join other talented audio creatives to create horror for the October season!Info: Register:…

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